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Posted by: Barb Lownsbury on 07/20/2020

Spiritual Bravery

Everyone loves a hero and every heart longs to be one. During this program you’ll discover the core values heroes have in common and how to tap into God’s heroic story for your life.

From Barb:

I want to be one of those heroes we all love: brave in the face of adversity, never wavering in unbelief.  But the truth is I do waver in my vision and in my belief in what can be. 

My faith falters. I suspect yours does, too. The good news? God still chooses to do miraculous things in your life even when you struggle to get yourself and your fear out of God’s way. 

Based on James 2:1-4, you’ll discover how to:

  • Understand the tunnels we get ourselves into.
  • Tackle the lies that have been holding you back.
  • Become one of God’s everyday heroes.

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