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Posted by: Karen McCracken on 07/24/2018

Sit before you stand!

The world is telling us to jump, act now, stand up for what we believe. But do we know what we believe? Are we standing on God's Word and what He leads us to as individuals or are we standing where we think we need to because that's what we see everyone else doing? As Christians we tend to get a fire burning in us and we want to act on it now...not ten minutes from now or 3 days from now. Sometimes we forget to consult God. Sometimes we forget to do the spiritual work to prepare ourselves to do the physical work of walking that path He has set out before us. Learn how to sit in God's presence before you stand up for what He's leading you to stand up for; before you stand in the gap for someone else or get up to run the race He has set before you! Being in His presence allows you to be in the palm of His hand as you prepare to stand...then walk and run the race! 

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