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Posted by: Hannah Thuku Kolehmainen on 01/19/2022

Sex as Worship

God is involved in your sex life! Is he the primary player or is he bound and gagged in the closet? What about you singles - is God involved in your sex life? If we are sexual beings from the time we are toddlers, what role does God play in this critical aspect of our lives throughout the life stages? At the end of this scientific and Bible-based session, you will be able to:

- Understand the brain-based elements of sexual development throughout the lifespan.

- Determine what holy sex is about.

- Identify at least 10 knock-offs the Bible identifies for your sex-life.

- Assess God's role in YOUR sex life.

- Learn the 6 avenues to grow your sex life as a form of worship, whether you're married or single.

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