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Posted by: Peggy Ployhar on 01/04/2022

Self-Care by God's Design

Most women feel like they are doing all the right things for self-care, but deep down know there are still issues with their health, walk with God, and their ability to juggle work, relationships, and everything else in their lives.  In this talk, Peggy Ployhar, SPED Homeschool Founder and CEO, aerial artist, and recent cancer survivor, will share her own story of near burnout and how that experience led her to many realizations about how and why it was so important to align her self-care with God's plan for her life and His design for her unique care needs in order to keep everything balanced in her life. You will come away with new resolve and creative ways to seek God's leading for your own self-care while learning to learn in and trust His ways above your own for more optimal health and a fulfilling life.

*An aerial silks performances can be incorporated into this talk. Peggy is insured as a professional aerialist and will provide a certificate of insurance coverage to your venue upon request. 

To view Peggy's Christmas aerial routine, use this link:

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