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Posted by: Cherrilynn Bisbano on 04/01/2016

Saved To Serve - Who's Slave Are You?

Every believer is a slave, but to who?

Cherrilynn personally struggled with this teaching until she studied it in depth.  Now she knows who she serves and her focus is more  on Christ and not on herself.  Her desire to serve God has increased.  She wants to share this difficult yet chain breaking study.


The real definition of biblical slavery. (You may be very surprised)

We are a slave to either Sin or righteousness

Why being a slave is a joyous calling

We are saved to serve God.

Cherrilynn gives light to the real hard truth from the Bible.  You will leave knowing who you serve and why you serve.

This teaching will help us find joy as we refocus from self to Christ.

It can be for one day or an entire weekend .

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