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Posted by: Jami Amerine on 04/05/2018

Sacred Vows Imperfect People: Marriage for Reals

From the loud clamor of the pulpit, the life group, the Joneses, and the Prince Charmings and fairy tales, sometimes it impossible to decipher the health of the marriage you are actually right smack dab in the middle of!  

In this event, Jami dives into 1 Corinthians 13 and all the things LOVE is... and MAN ISN't.  

The revelation is shocking but so very freeing.  You will laugh, cry, and come undone as you stare into the face of the One who loves PERFECTLY!  

No matter the state of your marriage, even if it has ended, you are fully cherished.  Journey with Jami over the perpetual mess we have made of the sacred covenant of marriage and come away with fresh eyes and a hungry heart for the blessings (and messes) of marriage.  

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