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Posted by: Karen McCracken on 10/29/2015

Running On E’

Are you going, going, going? Chugging along but seemingly always running on empty? It's time to slow down and learn to fuel on God! Come chuckle your way from empty to full. Leave feeling topped off, to capacity, with plenty to share.


We, as women, are notorious for fueling ourselves up with things we have no business fueling up with. It's so easy to grab worldly, quick fixes to gain some quick energy, but it burns off fast, leaves feeling even emptier than before, and can explode our lives in the long run. 

"Running On E'" is a Biblically-based, hard-hitting topic to which women of all ages can relate. 

In this session, I illuminate the most common bad fuels we choose when trying to fill up fast. Then I share my personal testimony, along with Biblical insights from Philippians 4:8 and other verses, as we focus on what to fuel up with that will not just help us survive, but help us thrive. 


Based on Karen's book by the same title. See it in resources here or grab a copy now at https://amzn.to/3Q1LA2B

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