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Posted by: Denise Adcock on 05/01/2019

Rise to the Occasion: Become the Leader You Were MEANT to BE.

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Rise to the Occasion is a leadership development keynote presentation that addresses the current leadership crisis in   our communities, our states, our country and around the world.  It gives 7 clear and challenging objectives we can learn and apply to increase our effectiveness and ability to lead ourselves and others well.  The future of our businesses, healthcare facilities, churches and non-profit organizations will be left in the hands of the next generation's leaders. We need to be the equipped leaders we can be by setting the example and modeling the leadership qualities that provide direction and change to our current internal and external cultures.

1.  The value of Transparency

2.  The value of Adaptability 

3.  The value of Vision Casting

4. The value of Partnership

5. The value of Congruence

6. The value of Connection

7. The value of Replication

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