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Posted by: Carole Brewer on 03/16/2023

Revitalize Your Faith

Five scripture-based sessions combined with beautiful songs of worship make this retreat ideal for a weekend get-away.  One session will make an excellent keynote of a banquet event too! 

Revitalize Your Faith optional schedule: 

  • Remembering God's Faithfulness (Friday evening) 
  • Recognizing True Faith (Saturday Morning) 
  • Renewing Your Faith (Saturday Morning) 

                         Saturday afternoons free for other activities

  • Resilient Faith (Saturday Evening) 
  • Revitalize Your Faith (Sunday Morning) 

Does this sound like a doable for your Fall 2023 retreat? If so, let's talk! 

I'd love to hear what you're planning and would be honored to serve. Thanks for your time and interest!


God bless your days ahead as you serve our precious Lord!


In Christ always,



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