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Posted by: Sheila Arrington Ministries Inc. on 09/12/2022

Removing the Roadblocks for your Purpose

What happens when God calls you into ministry with ice cubes, peppermints, and cigarettes on a lovely Saturday morning?


“After you double-check and make sure God knows you smoke cigarettes, you listen!”

 And that’s just what Sheila Arrington did.

She shares how God met her right where she was and prepared her for a ministry life, teaching that God has a vision and purpose for your life.

Even when you feel unequipped and run into roadblock after roadblock, God’s purpose over your life remains.

Sheila shares the truth.

  • You are walking around in your purpose right now!
  • Your calling is an assignment from God
  • You can learn to wait well
  • The lens of rejection creates roadblocks, and they need to go.

God meticulously uniquely designed YOU to bring God glory. You come prepackaged with everything you need. 

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