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Posted by: Simone Ascoli on 06/11/2019

Removing Inherited Mindsets

I provide powerful revelation regarding the truth behind the process of being born again and define what Nicodemus and Jesus meant in John 3: 3-5. I explain how it looks for God to replace our natural Parents. I provide hope for the believer who has been abandoned or rejected by her parents. I provide breakthrough for the women comparing God to her natural parents without even realizing it and teach her how to start with her slate clean as a child of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is an eye-opening teaching that brings so many women hope, truth, and empowerment. It changes so many perspectives that we carry not realizing they were old wineskins that need to be replaced with the new. This revelation is completely liberating and gives a whole new meaning of the phrase, "Good News". 

I share testimonies on how to identify an unhealthy inherited mindset and how to replace it with God's truth to prevent ourselves from making life-changing decisions as a believer. Also, I help new believers understand the fact that old mindsets will continue to attract us into establishing unhealthy connections with people until our mind is renewed! 

I include different examples including but not limited to Poverty Mindset, Instability, and Worry/Fear/Anxiety, Establishing Toxic Connections with People.