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Posted by: Elizabeth Clamon on 08/02/2018

Remember the Butterfly effect? How everything effects everything; How Stress effects your Health

It's time to reduce stress, prevent illness, and live your best life. 

We struggle every day to find work/life balance. We often find ourselves just trying to survive one day to the next while trying to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Stress not only causes poor attendance, but can be dangerous in the workplace. Stress is the major cause if injury and illness costing companies millions of dollars each year. In this talk I give the audience practical tips to destress their life. Simple practical natural steps that when implemented can reduce their stress levels and increase their productivity and attendance. Living with less stress is a balancing act, like so many things in our lives. We must find the balance between mental, physical, and emotional health. I encourage them to implement strategies to improve the stress levels and achieve overall optimal health. We need to strive to stress less to achieve optimal health. 

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