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Posted by: Michele Towers on 02/02/2018

Releasing Your Inner Princess!

  • Have you ever struggled with low self-esteem?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if God loves you as much as he loves some others?
  • Do you long to understand what makes you special?
  • Are you holding on to hurts and losses that need to be released?

If so, then it’s time for you to release your Inner Princess…

Many women wrestle with a spiritual “disconnect”. The way that we see ourselves too often does not align with how God sees us.

In this life, it can at times become easy to lose touch with your true identity.  Perhaps at times, you have struggled to accept the idea that as a believer in Jesus, you have truly been made royalty. This special time of retreat is prayerfully designed to help you reconnected with the truth that you ARE royalty – an actual, bona fide daughter of the King!

We will explore the how to begin your journey of “Rising to Royalty”, to enjoy the liberty of walking in your true identity…as a woman whom your Heavenly Father cherishes and has planned a wonderful and abundant life!

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