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Posted by: Michelle Rooney on 04/28/2019

rejection 101: anatomy of an evil ruse

Ever been rejected? Everyone has. The degree to which we've each experienced rejection varies, of course. But the roots of rejection run deep. They are winding, entangling, paralyzing tentacles that find their way into just about every area of our lives and wreak havoc. Sometimes the rejection is unintentional. Sometimes it is an act of premeditated hatred by another. And always, it is the result of a wicked, calculated scheme concocted by the enemy of our souls intended to derail our lives via damage to our identities, our relationships, our confidence, our ability to trust, connect, even love. 

As our position as a child of God would allow, He has provided real, applicable, and life-changing ways of responding to the rejection in our lives. He provides healing, restoration, and hope for a future free of all the entanglements that rejection invited in. We can outgrow and outsmart rejection and live free from the devastation, rendering both the offending party and the enemy utterly useless as they pertain to our futures. The evil enemy who tried to slay us with a sword of rejection has been defeated by our vigilant, heroic Father...that sounds like a fairytale ending worth looking into. 

Michelle Rooney 

Founder/Author/Teacher at bOuNcE

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