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Posted by: Jeanne Roberson on 07/12/2022


At seventeen, shortly after having a baby, Jeanne was groomed and trafficked into the dark world of sex, drugs, and alcohol, as an exotic dancer. Her predator was a women who recruited misfortunate, young girls by enticing them with promises of money, a better life and fame. Twenty years later, Jeanne found recovery and God. Her choice to remain out of the devils playground and grow in her faith, threw Jeanne into a spiritual battle with satan that nearly took everything from her, including her life. She lost her home in a hurricane, a kidney to cancer, her mariage failed and her husband married a woman with the same name as her. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder prevented her from living a normal life and she often slept in her car, afraid to be alone. She remained close to God in all these circumstances and turned each one into a declaration of faith. In time God rewarded her by giving her back everything she lost and more.  

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