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Posted by: Heather M. Dixon on 11/24/2020

Read the Bible, Be Ready for Life

Where to start when you want to read God’s Word. Anxiety and I are friends. Why? Because I face every day with an incurable genetic disorder that promises major medical events. The one thing that helps me face that with peace is reading the Bible daily. God’s Word has the power to cut through a mind that won’t turn off and a heart that feels too tender when I can’t make sense of things. So maybe you want to read the Bible too, but you’ve got questions: Where do I start? What do I read? How do I understand it? And how do I apply something written 2,000 years ago to my life in 2019? I’ve got answers for you. Together, we’ll look at tips for reading the Bible, staying in it consistently, and using it as a powerful tool to strengthen and encourage us every day. Reading the Bible doesn’t have to be complicated, but it will make you ready for whatever you are facing in life. 

Heather M. Dixon - Author, Speaker, and Bible Teacher, www.TheRescuedLetters.com

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