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Posted by: Jill Richardson on 08/23/2018

Raising Kids in a #MeToo World

All parents fear what could happen to their daughters in a #MeToo world. We know sexual predators are out there, and we don't really know where. We would love to have the tools to teach our girls to be safe, but we're not always sure what those tools are--especially when we're bombarded with so many opinions. We'd just like our daughters (and sons) to grow up free from fear and shame.

We can’t insulate our kids from all danger. There are, however, parenting choices we can make to help our children learn the respect, confidence, and intuition that offer a buffer against sexual abuse. Jill will go through some of the steps outlined in her article here on A Fine Parent. She knows firsthand the harm caused by sexual predation, and with three grown daughters, she’s had ample practice in working toward avoiding #MeToo in one’s family. She will also address some of the ideas in Christian culture that could be contributing to endangering our girls and how to biblically address them.

Jill is available to make this presentation/conversation online.

Jill Richardson 

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