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Posted by: Karen Knight on 08/09/2016

PRESENTATIONS FOR Single Sessions: Banquets, Keynotes, Worship

SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS (using MUSIC, and COSTUMED DRAMATIC STORYTELLING ) for Single Session Special Events: (these presentations can be used for a banquet, tea, brunch, or Keynote Address— usually 45 minutes to 60 minutes in length depending on your allotted time.)

With inspirational speaking, uplifting music and moments of dramatic storytelling using props and costume pieces, Karen presents encouraging messages to  strengthen faith.  With warmth and humor, she shares stories and portrays characters that speak to the lives and needs of today’s women:

~Footprints along the Way:  Encounters with Jesus


 ~What’s in YOUR Hand? : A lesson in Jars
 ~Shirley Goodness, and Mercy--A Walk through Psalm 23

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