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Posted by: Alana M. Hill on 12/02/2019

Preparing for Life the Ms. Engineer Way®!

In this talk, aimed at youth, Alana encourages and inspires teens and adolescents to prepare for their futures, despite the obstacles that life may bring. After all…she did. Heart-felt and transparent, Alana shares the struggles she overcame from her childhood, including her mother’s drug addiction and tragic death. More than just a cheer-leading “you can do it” pep talk, Alana imparts practical tips for developing priorities and creating a life strategy.  Reminding her audience “It’s not where you came from, but where you’re going”, she is sure to get your youth reaching for new heights. Igniting the fire in each soul in the room, this program will leave even the most active adult eager to do more. Lifting…the Ms. Engineer Way®!

The audience will leave with:

  • Analyze their own heart to find their source of resilience
  • Turn self-doubt and negative self-talk into empowerment and affirmation
  • Connect with the right resources to help them on a path to success
  • Persevere regardless of their circumstances

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