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Posted by: Pam Caylor on 05/22/2021

Pregnancy Resource - PRC Speaker

Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) - Speaker 

In 16 years we've had more than 36,000 Babies saved.  As the Executive Director I've arranged many Keynote Speakers!  What I found lacking at times was the Passion for, and Understanding of OUR Mission.  Sure, everyone "has a story" ... but the need of PRC's is profound and the Keynote NEEDS to be able to quickly grasp YOUR needs ... YOUR "INDIVIDUALITY" ... YOUR "SPECIAL NICHE" to the Mission Field YOU are serving!  

That's where I come in!  I've been in the trenches ... in the counseling rooms ... in the ultrasound ... in the lab ... I've dealt with the angry boyfriend, husband, parent, pimp, bestie, or the auntie who knows best.  I've been in the Post Abortion Retreats helping facilitate the healing years later.  And I've been in the prayer closet seeking God for that miracle, that plan, that wisdom to steer the ship back on course, asking for that "special donor" with the Gift of Life for 5o Grand ...   

One of the top fears of Americans is Public Speaking.  But, with a background in Motivational Speaking and Training, one of my passions IS Public Speaking ... and ALL the MORE when the Event is for something that is ETERNALLY IMPORTANT - like the DAY to DAY WORK of the PRC!  I can't take credit - it's truly a Gift that God placed in me.  But the passion - I have worked for!  I will utilize my expertise to help you Cast the Vision and help you reach the Goal of the Evening. 

Pam Caylor, Evangelist, Leader.           

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