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Posted by: Darla Colinet on 04/01/2020

Precautions and Facts as the Pandemic of Domestic Abuse Encounters the COVID-19 Pandemic

Darla has a two-fold message as the COVID-19 Pandemic further isolates and endangers people caught in the cycle of Domestic Abuse.

First, she explains how COVID-19 Pandemic exacerbates domestic violence and offers practical information and advice for victims about staying safe, setting boundaries, and preparing for and finding safe shelter if the abuse accelerates to a point of danger.

Second, she calls on the church to step up and address this often hidden or ignored problem within the congregations.  

47% of a congregation, 30% of the women and 17% of the men, are currently being abused, or they have been victims of domestic abuse or violence, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The COVID-19 orders to “shelter in place” isolates 100% of your congregants, and 47% of those congregants are endangered by the abuse in their situations. Stress increases abusive behavior and creates even more danger for isolated victims. We can no longer ignore the impact this has on not just the victims but on victims’ families. Churches must step up, learn how to recognize and how to help these victims and their families. 

As our traditional safehouses have filled to capacity, there are fewer and fewer avenues for victims to find safety and support as they learn to break free from the abuse.  Let us show Christ’s love, support, and his love design to the victims of abuse and all of our congregations to end abuse. 

Contact Darla to set up an online interview, a keynote, or a webinar. Let’s be proactive and help victims become victorious!

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