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Posted by: Jami Amerine on 04/05/2018

Praying God's Will: Running into the Arms of a GOOD Father

In this hilarious and "Jami" expressive and life-giving event, Jami takes you down the road of unraveling words Christians have spoken for ages,  phrases that are so common we chant them in your sleep.  And until now, may have lead you to believe God was out to get you, harshly refine you, and keep you face down in terror, instead of cozied up in the lap of a Father who adores you.  

From the cliche statements of grief, God's will, and the flippant tossing of scriptures, that do not apply, Jami will set your event afire with the love of a GOOD FATHER.  

Nope, God won't give you more than you can handle... can you can handle anything when He is walking with you through the fire, not dragging you by your hair over the hot coals.  

Come meet God in a whole new light, one that will leave you with hands held high, reaching for a God who loved you unto His death.  THIS IS THE GOOD NEWS!  

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