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Posted by: Debra Bosacki on 10/28/2015

Praying For Wayward Loved Ones "Mud On My Knees"

If you or your loved ones have strayed from God, there is hope. Learn how to labor together with God in hearts through prayer. 

Using the analogy of a garden, you will learn how to:

  • Cultivate hearts 
  • Pray God's Promises aimed at the heart
  • Pull down Strongholds
  • Pull weeds of unbelief and sin
  • Plant the seed of God’s Word
  • and pray down the rain of the Holy Spirit. 

This workshop's focus is all about the heart (God's Garden) and how He has called you to co-labor with Him there. It is not about fixing hearts, it's about preparing your heart for God's presence and learning prayer keys that will unlock the hearts of your loved ones to God. Then, watch God remove the veil and flood their eyes with light. 

At salvation God gave you and your loved ones a soft heart (Ex. 36:26) but Hebrews 3:13 KJV says that your heart can be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.  Sin hardens the heart, rendering it stubborn and blinds us to that we cannot see clearly.  

Proverbs 4:23 NLT says, Guard your heart about all else, for it determines the course of your life." 

The seeds (whether good or bad) that you allow to take root and grow in your heart, will determine the course your life takes. And they will have an effect on your ability to hit the mark in your prayer life. Your heart needs to be receptive to His voice and that comes from a soft, clean heart unto God. First we cultivate our own hearts and then we are ready to intercede for the hearts of our loved ones. One of the first things a gardener does when planting a garden is test the soil's condition, ensuring that the seed will take root. It is time to learn how to assess the land of the heart and plant the seed of His Word. 

Did you know that you were called to co-labor with God in His Garden, the heart? As you join Him, you will discover that nothing is impossible with God! 

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