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Posted by: Trina Hines on 11/01/2015

Prayer Warriors Arise and Take Your Place

A soldier does not go to battle without proper training, preparation, equipment, and resources. Preparation begins with intimacy, for you have to have a intimate relationship with the Commander in Chief, in order to understand the strategy God wants you to pursue in your every day life. One day on a prayer mission trip, we were talking about getting ready for take the land for Christ and how to look out for the enemy. What came to my mind was military terms. Battle, Battle Fatigue, Battle Buddy (Accountability), Armor, Equipment, strategy. With my prior military experience, I will show you how to go to war for everything the enemy fights you for: Marriage, Children, Ministry, Finances,  Health, and Destiny.

While you may think the strategy is complex, it is not.  It is as simple as A, B, C.

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