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Posted by: Amy Rognlie on 01/01/2018

Prayer (Assorted Topics relating to Prayer)

Prayer has been a lifelong quest for me. My grandmother was a prayer warrior and was influential in teaching me the importance of prayer. I am open to developing a presentation to fit your prayer theme or Scripture passage. In the past, I have taught on various aspects of prayer, including:

  • Too Busy Not to Pray
  • Praying in the Spirit
  • What Kind of Prayer Does God Respond To?
  • Practicing the Presence of God
  • Prayers of Old (Revisiting the beautiful prayers of our forefathers in the faith)
  • Methods of Prayer
  • The Role of Imagination in Prayer
  • Discerning God's Voice
  • Prayers of the New Testament
  • Prayers of the Old Testament
  • What We Can Learn from Nehemiah's Prayers
  • What We Can Learn from Hezekiah's Prayers
  • What is Intercessory Prayer?
  • Why Do We Need to Pray? 
  • How Does God Work Through Prayer?

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