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Posted by: Sue Donaldson on 02/14/2020

Pouring Out: Mentoring as a Way of Life

We are poured into by God so that what we pour out is worth pouring! God calls us to mentor and we aren't to do life on our own. What is mentoring? What's the role of a mentor? What makes a good mentor? And how do we get started (and stopped?) As a keynote talk,  each of these topics are introduced with biblical references and real-life illustrations. There's nothing more exciting than coming alongside another and strengthening their walk with Christ. It's truly a great bonus from God as well as a commandment! (If you want more, these topics and more are covered in a four-part retreat series with study and discussion questions and a quiet time meditation guide.) Sitting at the feet of Jesus makes you qualified to mentor and we all need to be sitting there and then getting up and coming alongside another.

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