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Posted by: Kimberly Hooper on 07/11/2017

Personal Leadership Effectiveness Program

The Women’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness Program is the only in-depth, uniquely women-focused,character-based professional development program available.  

To be eligible to participate in the program, women must be employed for at least three years, have served in a mid-level manager or supervisory position for at least one year or supervised a program or project, show an openness to feedback and a willingness to learn, and be willing to commit to the time and rigor of the program.

This program helps participants gain awareness of their personal areas of strengths and opportunities in the skills important to professional and personal success. Soft skill development enables participants and employers to enhance the work environment and potentially impact the companies’ bottom line in a positive manner.

Learning Objectives

·        Become familiar with the MAXIMIZERS principles, the 10 character-based principles that impact personal and professional success. 

·        Attend in-person class sessions to hear professional women speak about the impact the MAXIMIZERS have had on their personal and professional lives. In-person class sessions will also serve as networking sessions for participants. 

·        Meet with assigned personal coach to complete a personal and professional life plan. If participant lives outside of the Orlando, Florida area, virtual coaching is available. 

Class Criteria

·        Employed for at least 3 years

·        Employed as a mid-level manager or supervisor for at least one year, or have supervised a program or project (with or without direct reports) 

·        Shows an openness to feedback and a willingness to learn

·        Is willing to commit to the time and rigor of the program 

Course Information

·        Six seated class meetings with guest speaker at each

·        MERIT Profile assessment and interpretation from certified assessor and coach Click on MERIT Profile Link to learn more:  MERIT Profile Assessment 

·        Four coaching sessions with a coach, develop a personal and professional life plan

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