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Posted by: Jill Richardson on 10/29/2015

Perfect Is the Enemy of Good Enough

Are you exhausted by living amid the cult of excellence? Convinced that anything less than 110% is a failure? Scared that making mistakes means you are a failure? Or do you have the subversive suspicion that, sometimes, good enough really is good enough? 

Perfectionism takes its ugly toll on us, and on our families. When we spend a lot of our time looking at the "perfection" of other peoples' lives on social media, the situation feels even worse. We want to break free, but let's be real. We're afraid.

What if good enough really is good enough? What if you have the freedom to define failure for yourself--and what if it's not so bad after all?  Maybe it's time to recover your life from the preachers of excellence and breathe in the free air of just OK. 

Tailored to meet the needs of individuals stressed by perfection or parents wanting to free their families from its cultural pressure.

Jill is available to make this presentation/conversation online.

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