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Posted by: Pam Gillaspie on 03/31/2018

No Worries!

ARE YOU A WORRIER? Are you preoccupied with the "What ifs" and worst-case scenarios? Unrelenting doubts and fears can be paralyzing! Worry can interfere with your daily life and ruin your relationships.

We may dignify worry by calling it by some other name—concern, burden, a cross to bear—but Jesus calls it sinful. God feeds the birds and clothes the lilies and He will clothe and feed us. However it is our "little faith" that hinders Him from working in our lives.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells His followers—then and now—"do not be worried." That seems impossible considering He also says, "in this world you will have tribulations" but there has to be a way to do what He says in spite of the realities of life. There is! The fact that Jesus Himself commanded it means that it is possible.

If you struggle with worries and wish you didn't, Pam will lead you through Scripture and help you learn how to walk in God's truth and to trust Him, eliminating your need to worry! He has great blessings for us if only we will trust Him.

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