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Posted by: Sue Donaldson on 02/18/2020

No Ordinary Home: God's Dream House For You

After remodeling for 13 years (and we are still married!) I've learned firsthand what makes an extraordinary home, based on God's Word and His work in her life. 

For all the time, energy and money it takes to build our homes, you might think there would be a whole book in the Bible on the subject. First and Second Homebuilding, aka, let’s build a holy house. After all, isn’t God concerned with what concerns us? Enough space in the pantry? An extra room for guests? A back patio with built-in BBQ? Grass, for heaven’s sake? There are countless magazines, websites, and television shows on the subject.

What guidelines does God provide so that we build the home He’s dreamed of for us?

 Proverbs 24:3 and 4 layout the house plans for our dream home: “By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” 

How does wisdom, understanding, and knowledge do what an architect, HDTV, and Home Depot combined cannot do? And where do we begin to gain that wisdom, understanding and knowledge so we can find those “precious and pleasant riches?”

 Wisdom, understanding and knowledge top the list for the best building materials for our “Dream Home.” When we focus on these, we can’t help but create a home filled with treasures designed by the Ultimate Decorator.

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