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Posted by: Hannah Thuku Kolehmainen on 01/19/2022

Napping in Delilah's Lap - the Pandemic of Pornography in the Pew & the Pulpit

The church is as the Old Testament character of Samson. Powerfully called, empowered, prepared, Spirit-filled, and sent. What are we doing napping on Delilah's voluptuous lap? This subject is a powerful wake-up call to a comfy, sleepy church that's all busy and bothered with unimportant matters, while her true calling goes unanswered. This topic explores:

- How is the church like Samson?

- How has the culture and the church misunderstood pornography?

- How does pornography relate to idolatry?

- What are five things we must do today to wake up from that deadly lap?

- How can you increase your power and authority quotient to wake up and live out your calling?

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