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Posted by: Jami Amerine on 04/05/2018

My Child Would Never: Embracing your Motherhood as Daughter

In this lively and super fun event, Jami tells some of her most epic parenting tales.  Your event will come alive with laughter and tears from the epic Emergency Room visits, frantic for her child's latest calamity to the back of a Police Cruiser, where Jami found herself being detained for illegal narcotics... yeah, this you have to hear from yourself.  

Hear among the worried, hysterical, frantic, and utterly broken Jami talks about the freedom of parenting from the belief in her inheritance as daughter.  Motherhood doesn't remove our birthright.  While we are fully mother, we are still daughters.  

This talk is hilarious and will leave you utterly undone with the revelation, you are parenting your brothers and sisters in Christ.  

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