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Posted by: Jayne Patton on 04/20/2020

Moving from “BFF - Best Friends Forever” to “BFF - Beyond Fake Friends"

Every woman has a need to be known. The desire to have a particular *BFF* is in our hearts from a tender age. Necklaces, t-shirts, and even tattoos point to a certain significant other that bears an invisible, yet glaring "Do not touch!" sign to the rest of the world. 


But what happens to those without a *BFF*? Are we just destined to remain on the outside of a particular circle?  


Considering one of the top fears of women is a fear of rejection, what about those whose hearts have experienced betrayal in the hands of a former ally? I mean, how in the world do we pursue intimate friendships when being vulnerable scares us to death?

You won't want to miss this message on Moving from *BFF - Best Friends Forever* to *BFF - Beyond Fake Friends*.

Jayne Patton, Founder

Altered Ministries


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