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Posted by: Vera LeRay Warner on 07/18/2017

Motivated by Love

Motivation is defined as the driving force by which we do a thing. It is that internal force that produces us to act. And it would be wise to remember that motivation always has a goal in mind. The reality is that everything that we do is not motivated by our love for God. God is love, and He loves us so much. So much so that He created us with the freedom to choose. We choose to love or not to love. If love is the most powerful force on the planet; what do you think would happen if it was allowed to be unleashed to its fullest? I dare say that many wars would cease, lots of divorces would be virtually non-existent, many abortions would not happen and the list goes on. Notice that I did not say that none of them would be non-existent. The sad fact is that some would still choose to hate rather than love. But God has chosen us because He loved us. He has called us to love ourselves and to love neighbors as we love ourselves. It is challenging but not impossible... with God all things are possible!

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