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Posted by: Kimberly Hooper on 06/21/2018

Mission Statement Workshop

This fun and interactive Workshop helps participants in your organization or church to develop their own personal mission statement for life and business.  The benefit of having a defined Mission Statement in life provides clarity and direction for making life's most important decision for how we spend our time, who we spend our time with, and brings alignment for the commitments we make.   The workshop offers interactive activities with forms to give self-reflection to make progress in defining a mission statement for their life. 

Questions that will be explored are:  

  • Do you have a clear picture of where you are going?
  • Are you living with a sense of Destiny, Passion and Excitement?
  • Are your values sharp and clear in your mind?

Marching to a Mission answers questions like;

† Why do I exist?

† How is the world different because I exist?

† Where do I want to accomplish my mission?

† What are the goals that I want to achieve?

Even thinking about these questions cause excitement to realize that you can actually create a mission, or guidepost, for your life that would help you to stay on course to achieve great things and fulfill your destiny. 

Just think – You have a DESTINY!!

I have worked with many women and business entities to help them create their Mission Statement. It takes thoughtful consideration and time to develop. Identifying what you value, skills and experiences that you have, and how you want to mobilize your mission and who or what will be impacted. 

“FOCUS produces Velocity!” It’s true! If we are all over the place we will not accomplish much. When we are mission minded we have clarity and focus for the actions we need to take which produces momentum to accomplish great things!

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