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Posted by: Michelle Rooney on 04/29/2019

miracles everywhere

Healing...especially in our physical often doubted by the world at large. Let's be real -- it's often doubted by the church. By Christians themselves. 

There are many elements that factor into that doubt, from fear and lack of understanding of healing to fear of disappointment if healing doesn't happen to the belief that miracles were a thing of yesterday. But if we're going to believe God for our salvation...and if we're calling ourselves 'Christians,' we must...then we must also believe God for all of the other covenantal promises that accompany our salvation. God's Word is clear about all of His promises, even for healing. Our current culture often brushes the topic under the rug, usually because they're not comfortable addressing the topic and all of the sub-topics that go along with it. But it is priority-rated information as far as God is concerned. That's why He mentions it so frequently in His Word and urges us to call upon Him, the Great Physician.

Michelle and her family have personally experienced multiple, miraculous healings. Healing that is recorded in medical journals and has received acclaim worldwide because of its rare and unexplainable nature. Healing that her family and many others know to be direct and miraculous answers to prayer. After years working in ministry, Michelle has seen others receive miracles in their bodies as well, and it is with heaviness in her heart that she looks around at all of the unbelief after having seen the reality of healing many times first-hand.

This presentation includes personal stories of the remarkable healings Michelle has experienced and seen that will bolster your faith like crazy, and it also breaks down the scriptural promises of God regarding healing. Healing is His promise...His Word...His covenant and He is not a liar. Don't miss this powerful message of what God still does in our bodies and wants to do for you.

Michelle Rooney

Founder/Author/Teacher at bOuNcE

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