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Posted by: Deb Potts on 09/06/2016

Making Peace with Prickly People Retreat

We try over and over to improve a relationship and yet nothing ever changes! Are you ready to try something new? The secret to making peace in relationships is given in the two greatest commandments:

  • Love God with all your heart, soul, mind & strength
  • Love your Neighbor as Yourself

For those not sure how to make peace with God, who struggle to be at peace with themselves, or who fail at navigating personality clashes with prickly people. Come on a journey with us to discover how to open the door to real, lasting peace.

Event Planners:

Based on Deb's book, Making Peace with Prickly People. Deb has been researching prickly people ever since she discovered that God could love her, prickles and all! Making Peace with Prickly People is her most requested speaking topic. 

Your audience will fall in love with God as they discover His perfect personality, gain a new respect for their own lovable selves, and be equipped to transform their relationships. 

God's perfect personality and man's imperfect personalities are explored. Audiences will be encouraged to take Deb's free personality assessment which is the basis for games and activities. Deb shares about her journey to peace after the suicide of her father. 

This is a three to five session retreat topic. Deb will provide small group discussion questions, games, and craft suggestions. 

A free study guide, a free personality assessment and more are available at www.pricklypeople.com.

Watch my video introduction to a retreat I did on this topic: Introduction to Making Peace with Prickly People

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