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Posted by: JoAnn DePolo on 10/28/2015

Making It As An Artist

Making It As An Artist takes a vivid look at bringing success to artists and those who think creatively. JoAnn offers valuable insight from her experience as an artist covering topics ranging from creating authentic works through an uncompromising heart, to valuing your art and dealing with rejection. 

JoAnn DePolo is an artist, author, speaker, teacher, and visionary who expresses her love of Christ and other people through art.  Her unique paintings of cityscapes, water scenes, and bold abstracts have gained recognition from art collectors internationally.  She is also sought at the local level for community art events and installations. JoAnn is the author of Making It As An Artist which takes a vivid look at bringing success to artists but also challenges and empowers anyone looking to move forward in their career.  Her art can be found hanging in the homes of several celebrities and is featured in several art books.  Her personal journey as an artist, which began in adulthood, brings a message of hope about opening one’s heart and life to God’s possibilities. She offers genuine encouragement to those seeking the freedom to discover, create, and fulfill one’s calling in life. Visit JoAnnDePolo.net

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