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Posted by: Poppy Smith on 08/14/2022

Lord, Flip My House (Inner Transformation)

Lord, Flip My House  (Inner Transformation)

Do you love watching decorating shows on T.V.? Do you marvel at the changes that can happen in the right hands? Have you ever thought that YOU can experience inner changes when Jesus, the Master Builder, starts remodeling YOUR house? In this fun, Biblically-based presentation, Poppy gently helps you see what needs removing, restoring, or renovating in your heart, attitudes, words, and self-talk. Using true life illustrations of her own ups and downs, you will laugh, identify, and grow as you discover how Jesus can transform you from the inside out. (Talks drawn from Poppy’s book: I’m Too Human to be Like Jesus.) “The ladies came back with rave reviews from retreat. Thank you so much. My only complaint was that it wasn’t long enough – I wanted more of you!” Sara L., Retreat Coordinator

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