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Posted by: Michelle Rooney on 04/28/2019

looking forward to the blooms

Seasons of doubt. Seasons of loss. Seasons of sickness or financial struggle or fear or epiphany or retooling or recovery or learning or growth. They all require a level of commitment. If we're not going to simply roll over and give in when things get difficult, we must commit to getting through, to waiting for it to turn, to survival. No earthly season lasts forever and, because of who we are in Jesus and all that He did for us, we are promised and can certainly expect that a better season is on its way. We can look forward to the blooms. The sun. The light. Our reaping season. We can also count on the fact that God will use every single experience, no matter how painful or seemingly useless to us, for our good and for His glory. He wastes nothing. He restores everything. He makes all things new. And because of that, regardless of our season, we can look forward to the blooms. A 'beauty for ashes' presentation.

Michelle Rooney

Founder/Author/Teacher at bOuNcE


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