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Posted by: Keli Hillier on 06/26/2018

Living with Intent (LITT)

Life is busy, like really crazy busy.  How often do you feel you have just finished putting away the Christmas decorations and it's already time to baste the Thanksgiving turkey? We have so many opportunities to do good things that sometimes what God is calling us to do gets pushed aside and lost in the chaos.  Living with Intent is taking control and living life with purpose; a life fulfilling the call God has placed on each of us - His specific, individual, personalized plan for our lives.  We are designer originals, and until we enter into God’s custom-tailored plan for our lives there will always be an undercurrent of discontentment.  It is equivalent to taking great care of a bird, but not allowing it to fly.  Birds are meant to soar, as are Daughters of the King.

Keli Hillier

Keli Hillier Ministries


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