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Posted by: Jean-Ann Cooper on 05/02/2017

Living Life From The Inside Out

This weekend retreat is based on Jean-Ann's Book of the same title. 

There are Seven Sessions, but can be customized to fit into your schedule.  


  • Being the Woman God Created – The Real You Is Beautiful
  • Loving the Woman God Created – Stop Being So Hard on Yourself
  • Like It Or Not, You Are A Role Model – Inspire Others
  • Boundaries, Toxic People, Repairing Relationships, The Art of an Apology
  • Compassion & Empathy – Helping Others Through Dark Times
  • Embracing Your Community – It Needs You, Your Gifts & Your Talents
  • Surrender, Encourage and Share – Being the Hands & Feet of Jesus

As a Christian Coach, the goal for the weekend is to blend coaching with Scripture and Biblical truths. By challenging ourselves and digging deep into His Word, we will gain a better understanding of the power and grace that God has instilled in each one of us and how best to use that power to create a better life for ourselves and those we love.

Living our lives inside out helps us live a life of love, compassion, grace, and truth. The weekend features several coaching-styled written exercises designed to help the participant dig deep!  Also, includes a 30-page workbook

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