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Posted by: Lorraine Serra on 09/07/2016

"Life In The Spotlight Can Be Blinding!"

Have you ever considered this?  You and I live in a spotlight!      Each of us experiences what can feel like the spotlight of fear, hardship, love and joy.   Perhaps you feel like all  eyes are on you, filled with scrutiny or criticism.  It can be blinding!  But, more powerful and infinitely more important is the Spotlight of God's Love, always constant in times of hardship, and times of joy.   Lorraine shares a story of triumph through her son’s medical journey under the spotlight of God’s mercy and healing power.  Be reminded of His constant presence, ready to lead us out of the path of darkness into His own marvelous light!  You will be encouraged for whatever your current life journey is presenting through this focus on God's Word and testimony of His assurance and grace.

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