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Posted by: Denise Adcock on 09/21/2018

Let's Take A H.I.K.E.

Image result for Let's Take Hike

A NEW topic filled with exploration and adventure.  As an avid hiker, mountain biker and lover of the outdoors,  Let's Take a H.I.K.E. expands on the 4 keys to hiking higher in your relationship with God and growing your awareness of the WONDER of God through nature and key biblical scripture.

HHighly ValuedWe are highly valued by God and for God!

I-  Influential- We are influential as we where created with a purpose!

K- Knowledgeable- We are knowledgeable through the wisdom God's Word!

E- EmpoweredWe are empowered through God's Holy Spirit!

**This presentation can be given in a 1 day seminar or a women's retreat with 4 breakout sessions.**

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