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Posted by: Denise Adcock on 09/21/2018

Let's Take A H.I.K.E.

A NEW topic filled with exploration and adventure.  As an avid hiker, mountain biker and lover of the outdoors,  Let's Take a H.I.K.E. expands on the 4 keys to hiking higher in your relationship with God and growing your awareness of the WONDER of God through nature.  

HHighly ValuedWe are highly valued by God and for God!

I-  Influential- We are influential as we where created with a purpose!

K- Knowledgeable- We are knowledgeable through the wisdom God's Word

E- EmpoweredWe are empowered through God's Holy Spirit

**This presentation can be given in a 1 day seminar or a women's retreat with 4 breakout sessions.**

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