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Posted by: Kimberly McCormick on 01/18/2016

Ladies Retreats! Restore,Renew&Refresh your Body,Mind&Spirit

Renewing your body, mind and spirit is the perfect topic for a ladies getaway!  Kim has three presentations for your retreat, each focusing on how to achieve first, a restored body, next, a renewed mind and finally a refreshed spirit.  While each message focuses on a specific piece to this puzzle, the messages also reveal how all three parts intertwine together in order to create a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Kim's messages are Christ-centered, sharing the word of God throughout her presentations.  She carefully explains the connection between the peace we find through our belief in Christ and the peace we find in body, mind and spirit.   

An added bonus:  If you have some "actresses" among your group, who like to have fun, Kim has short skits that can be presented by your own group members as an introduction to the topic for each of her messages.

Kim also worships through music by singing and playing the flute when speaking.

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