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Posted by: Sharon Wilharm on 12/01/2020

It's Not Easy Being a Queen

As young girls we all dreamed of being a PRINCESS or better yet, a QUEEN! Even today we watch Hallmark movies and read romance novels, wishing we could have the happy ever after.  

In this session about princesses and queens in the Bible, I help your group:

* Realize that we all have struggles, even princesses and queens.

* Understand that God can take even the worst situation and use it for His glory.

* Discover how to make the most of the life that God has given us.

* Connect with Bible princesses and queens who had their own struggles.

This session includes Tamar, Michal, Vashti, and Esther.

To get a taste of my Bible women teaching, check out my All God’s Women podcast available on all podcast platforms as well as the and Edifi apps.

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