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Posted by: Karen McCracken on 10/24/2019

Is UNforgiveness stealing your peace?

Forgiveness is one of the most difficult things to wrap our heads and hearts around. Take your group on a deep dive into what forgiveness actually is and why it's SO important.  It's SO much more than most of us think it is. In this meaningful, illuminating and inspirational topic, Karen digs deep into how we're supposed to go about forgiving others and ourselves and gives practical steps to doing the work it takes to learn how to forgive others, forgive yourself and even forgive the church. With personal, passionate testimony, humor and Biblical truths, women walk away with a greater understanding of what 70 x 7 means and what it takes to live a life filled with grace and forgiveness and restore their peace.

Karen will also be offering online, virtual Forgiveness webinars throughout 2022. To find out those dates or to participate, please send her an email: karen@womaninspired.com AND check out her website for additional information. 

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