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Posted by: Darla Colinet on 04/01/2020

Is True Love Real?

Darla’s Colinet’s relentless quest to find true love led her into three abusive Christian marriages and divorces. During her Christian women’s group and church speaking events, Darla shares how she was deceived about love even though she accepted Jesus into her heart when she was seven. Using the strategies she discovered along her journey, Darla shows the audience how to recognize the aspects of unhealthy and toxic love from true love within Christ’s design.

You will discover:

  • Why our need to feel loved can lead us down heartbreaking paths.
  • Truths that break through the confusion of the three love designs we can use.
  • How your broken love design affects how you give and receive love.
  • Strategies to transform your broken love into Christ’s exceptional love design.

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