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Posted by: Tracy Lewis on 09/21/2016

Is my "Me" The One Everyone Else Sees?

I just wonder...is the person that I am inside, the one everyone else sees also? I mean, the person that I am at home, when I'm alone, when I'm aggravated, angry, or questioning my faith, is that the 'me' everyone sees? Or do I play mascaraed every time I walk out my door?  If there was someone filming our every move and emotion, what would they see and hear? What would we want to delete or edit out? Do we have the will power to change those things we would not want anyone seeing? In this session, Tracy tells it like it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly, but also the promising and powerful scriptures that hold the keys to living powerfully true to who God made us to be. Everyone has the tools to change those things about us that do not match God's opinion of us so that when people see us, they see the real us that God made us to be, not the one that the world made us to be. 

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